EarthToday is set up as a game of cards. A way to inspire action and have fun while doing it. At present, there are two card games that you can play on

The Protection Card Game

This card game is all about nature protection. You can protect m² of nature directly on, or check out the m² you received as a reward from a brand. For each of these m², you’ll receive a unique digital proof of protection geocoded for that specific m² on Earth. And you can find out more about how it’s protected.

The Curation Card Game

This card game is about raising awareness about what’s happening on Earth today. You can hand-pick information from the internet and add this curated content to your profile on Whether it’s a news source, music, podcast or social media post, is the place to share your perspective on particular topics and inform, inspire, educate and entertain each other.

What is a unit of nature? And what is a uon?

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