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How is EarthToday funded?
How is EarthToday funded?
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Developing, building and rolling out our digital platform globally requires serious funds. €0.20 out of every €1.20 is not sufficient to attract the right talent, actively market our product, pay tax, and take risks and time to achieve our goal. Not for a while.

Capital is provided by a growing group of funders who will collectively invest over €160 million to make EarthToday self-sustainable in 9 rounds of 10 funding tickets each, with predefined prices. At the end of 2022, just under €6.8 million has been invested in EarthToday, and we are now in round 5.

The first 100 million members get a free stake in the company. After that, new members will need to buy a stake for €3.60 from an existing stakeholder to open an account.

Stakeholder policy:

  1. Everybody is invited to become an investor in EarthToday.

  2. Equal terms: All founders, funders and stakeholders contribute and/or invest under the same terms and conditions.

  3. Zero-dividend: Nothing out of the €1.20 per m² for nature protection can ever end up with stakeholders. Period.

  4. Lock-up: First returns only occur after we reach 100 million members (!)

  5. Limited return: Founders and funders are equally limited in their financial returns.

  6. Return to purpose: ⅔ of any financial return always goes to the purpose.

  7. Return on investment: after the first 100 million members, new members will need to buy a stake for €3.60 to open an account. From this money, ⅓ is used to reward initial stakeholders.

The funding model is completely separate from the business model where everyone protects nature for €1.20 per m². Nothing out of the €1.20 for nature protection can ever end up with investors: we have a zero-dividend policy.

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