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Why a ‘for-purpose company’ and not a non-profit?
Why a ‘for-purpose company’ and not a non-profit?
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A non-profit is dependent on grants and donations. These income streams are unpredictable and often don’t offer security for the future and the ability for these organizations to plan far ahead.

Innovation in business models to create positive impact is desperately needed. After a century of nature protection, based on the donation model, currently only 10% of the planet is protected. Yet, scientists and conservationists are increasingly stressing that we need to protect 50% of the planet by 2050.

As a for-purpose company with a digital media platform,, we’re building a sustainable business model for protecting the planet. We can grow quickly as we raise capital from investors and over the long-term our for-purpose company will be able to sustain itself, generating a stable revenue stream. So that nature protection organizations can plan ahead, scale up their activities and protect nature faster.

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