We enable everyone to protect m² of nature. We distribute units of nature (uon) for €1.20 per m².

The business model is designed in such a way that 83% of all revenue always goes to the purpose. That’s €1.00 out of every €1.20. Direct impact from day one. Funds are directed towards the Union of Nature Foundation (UON), a global collaboration of nature protection organizations. For every m² protected through EarthToday, the organizations commit to bringing a new m² under protection, on a 1-for-1 basis. So, they use the money to sustainably protect the m² AND bring a new m² under protection.

The remaining 17% goes to tax (3%) and operating EarthToday (14%).

However, that’s not enough to cover the costs of the company and building and rolling out the digital media platform EarthToday.com globally. That’s why we need startup funding from investors. And when we finally reach a point where we do make a profit, we have zero-dividend policy. This means that all future profit is reinvested into the purpose, and return on investment never comes out of the m² protected on EarthToday.


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