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What is EarthToday’s business model?
What is EarthToday’s business model?
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We enable everyone to protect m² of nature. We distribute units of nature (uon) for €1.20 per m². Our business model is designed in such a way that 100% of all revenue and profit is used for our purpose.

Of your contribution, 83% goes directly to the nature protection organizations. For every m² protected through EarthToday, the organizations commit to bringing a new m² under protection, on a 1-for-1 basis. So, they use the money to sustainably protect the m² AND bring a new m² under protection.

The remaining 17% is used to accelerate nature protection indirectly, by contributing to the operating costs of EarthToday (14%) and paying tax (3%).

However, that’s not enough to build and roll out our digital media platform globally. That’s why we need startup funding from investors.

And when we finally reach a point where we do make a profit, we have zero-dividend policy. This means that all future profit is reinvested in the purpose, and nothing of the €1.20 per m² for nature protection ever ends up with investors.

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