Quote Magazine has recently published an article about EarthToday. Regrettably, it strongly insinuates that EarthToday was founded to get rich from protecting the planet. This is not our motivation, nor has it ever been.

EarthToday was founded to raise awareness of the state of the planet and accelerate its protection, at scale. To make this possible, EarthToday was set up as a ‘for-purpose company’. A new business model and organizational structure that combines the purpose of a charity with the growth incentives of a business. It is fully community-owned and in service of its purpose. EarthToday is already directing 83% of its revenues to nature protection and it will direct two-thirds of all future returns on investment to this purpose. This is what makes our model unique and interesting for funders: a purpose investment with impact, from day one. The model for the future.

83% for-purpose

In the article, Quote emphasizes the spectacular potential financial returns for funders, as if these are already within reach. However, these lie far in the future and will only be realized if EarthToday achieves unprecedented results. Until that time, funders bear all of the risk.

We view EarthToday and the for-purpose model as a solution to accelerate and scale up nature protection. Innovation is desperately needed as the current donation model, despite great work over the last 100 years, has not resulted in more than 10% of the planet being protected. Yet, scientists and politicians are increasingly stressing that we need to protect 50% of the planet in the next decades. That is what we contribute to with EarthToday.

We have always been transparent about how our model works and have fully cooperated with Quote. Unfortunately, the editors have chosen to write our story in a one-sided and sensational way, which does not do justice to our initiative or how the article came about.

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