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What is EarthToday's statement referring to Quote article?
What is EarthToday's statement referring to Quote article?
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In April, Dutch business glossy Quote published an article about EarthToday. The journalists did not include important corrections from our side, which created an incorrect and misleading article.

  • The article suggests that journalists investigated EarthToday. The fact is that we have given full insight into all documentation together with explanatory interviews. We have always been transparent about how our model works and have fully cooperated with Quote.

  • The article suggests that the founders will make billions when EarthToday succeeds. This is nonsense. Nobody can make a billion investing in EarthToday. All funders and founders – more than 100 individuals together, investing over €160 million high-risk capital – are equally limited in their maximum return. This has been notarized.

  • Quote deliberately confuses the business model of protecting m² of nature with the funding model through which EarthToday is funded. They write about a discount for founders compared to the price consumers pay to protect a m². This is false and has nothing to do with each other.

  • Quote makes it seem as though the maximum return will be received in full any day now, while the impact in m² will be limited. This is incorrect. Founders and funders will only start to receive a first return on their investment after EarthToday is financially self-sustainable and the platform has at least 100 million (!) members. This can take decades. Until that time all founders and funders bear all risk.

  • EarthToday is 100% for-purpose. This is made possible by our founders and funders who collectively cover all operational costs until we’re self-sustaining. We have a zero-dividend policy: all future profit will be reinvested in the purpose.

  • In the article it is suggested that EarthToday will only be able to protect a small amount of m². This is incorrect. EarthToday is designed to contribute to collectively protect 50% (#natureneedshalf) of the planet with a unique and scalable business model.

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The board of EarthToday

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