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How does the return on investment work?
How does the return on investment work?
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When EarthToday has been rolled out globally and has reached a size of at least 100 million members, a change will occur. It will no longer be free for new members to join. Instead they will be asked to buy a stake in the company for €3.60. A one-off payment for access to a global community on an ad-free global media platform to protect the planet, and read up on what’s happening on Earth today.

New users buy stakes from existing stakeholders - the founders, investors, and initial members. In this process, ⅔ of the proceeds will go to the purpose and ⅓ will be the return on investment for the initial stakeholders. As new members continue to join over the years, returns to initial stakeholders are paid out in proportion to their investment.

A full return on investment will only have been paid out when 9 billion people have joined the community. And this will mean a huge positive impact has been made by this community.

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