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Why are the m² protected and € to purpose reported in a quarter not the same?
Why are the m² protected and € to purpose reported in a quarter not the same?
Written by Chiel Liezenberg
Updated over a week ago

Indeed, one could think that if e.g. 50,000 m² was protected in a quarter, also €50,000 went to nature protection in that quarter. €1.00 out of every €1.20 that comes in... Right?

Well, yes and no.

To meet different market needs for consumers and organizations, our business model is a bit more sophisticated than meets the eye. As a result, the m² protected and the € directed to nature protection are 'unbundled' in time.

This 'unbundling' is clearly visible in our quarterly reports on impact (m²) and financials (€). We see both scenarios: m² protected with less € to purpose (e.g. 21Q4 or 22Q1), but also m² protected with more € to purpose (.e.g 22Q2 or 22Q3).

Our business model differentiates between 'retail' sales to consumers and small businesses that pay directly online, and bulk 'wholesale' to large organizations that pay by invoice, afterwards. Consequently, we receive retail revenue in the same quarter, while we receive wholesale revenue with a delay in later quarters.

The delay is unpredictable, and can be quite substantial. We have examples where an organization bought uon in 2020 or 2021, and paid in 2022 after their campaigns. And for transparency reasons, we only direct funds to nature organizations after we've received them.

Yet rest assured, on average at least 83% goes directly to nature protection on an annual basis. As promised.

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