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How does the Member Rewards Program work?
How does the Member Rewards Program work?
Written by Chiel Liezenberg
Updated over a week ago

As a for-purpose company, we're 100% community-owned from day one. This means that every individual member* becomes a co-owner of the company by design.

This is achieved through our Member Rewards Program. In this program, individual members are automatically awarded free stakes for their contribution to the collective success of EarthToday until the Swap. This contribution can be the protection of m² of nature, the collection of m² gifts or rewards, the curation of content, the onboarding of new members, etc.

Every year, the Board decides how many stakes are available for the Member Rewards Program in that year, and which contributions or actions qualify to get them.

The details about the free stakes offered as a gift to members as part of the Member Rewards Program can be found in this Information Memorandum (in Dutch). We are not required to publish a 'prospectus' for our Member Rewards Program, nor is this program under the supervision of the AFM.

* Groups that protect nature don't get stakes in the Member Rewards Program; only individual members. However, groups can give their to individual members that then receive a stake.

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