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What is our remuneration policy?
What is our remuneration policy?
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As a for-purpose tech company with a global ambition, we need to be able to attract the right talent to roll out internationally and create impact at scale.

We intend to develop a Remuneration Framework that is fitting for a for-purpose company and transparent with regard to the financial remuneration for different categories and levels of professional contributors. Our Remuneration Framework is still in development and therefore, at this moment in time, we cannot limit ourselves to the Dutch 'Top Income Standards Act' (NL: Wet normering topinkomens WNT) that applies in the Netherlands.

In the meantime, we do apply the following limitations on financial remuneration:

  • Remuneration is market-conform for the role of the contributor.

  • Fixed (gross) financial remuneration is capped at €150,000/year.

  • No variable or performance-based financial remuneration (e.g. bonuses) apply.

  • Pre-authorised expenses are compensated on a cost basis.

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